Madagascar: a paradise…

Madagascar is well known for its lush vegetation and rich biodiversity, which have earned it the epithet of “Eden’s Garden”. Yet, it is paradoxically one of the world’s poorest countries. According to the 2018 UNDP statistics, Madagascar ranks 161st out of 189 countries on the Human Development Index. A snapshot summarizing the conditions of a country where half of its population (48%) lives in serious multidimensional poverty and more than 80% lives on less than 1 Euro per day.

approximately 8 out of 10 live with less than 1 Euro per day.

…but not for its population

Though a paradise when it comes to natural resources, its ongoing corruption and political instability prevents the population from thriving, and continues a vicious poverty cycle. Access to basic necessities such as sanitation, education, food, and shelter, is a luxury to more than half of the population. Considering these conditions together with a society that relies mostly on women to provide for the family, a birth rate of 4.1 (36th highest worldwide) and a first-time maternity age of 19, the pressure on these mothers is often unsustainable.

Dedicated to women…

Despite being one of the poorest countries in the world, the population is gifted when it comes to manual dexterity. Inspired by the endless beauties of this country, such skills have created eye-catching handicrafts that need to be recognized globally.

It is for this reason that the brand Made For A Woman was created in 2018.

Our mission is to empower the women behind these unique and beautiful handicrafts made only with local materials, such as our 100% sustainable raphia.  

…for a better future

We want to empower them to nurture their dreams and provide for their families. It is for this reason that their salary is almost 50% higher than the closest competitor and, for the most loyal artisans, we set up savings accounts for them. On top, we reimburse their daily commute from rural villages, we allow them to work from home when needed, and we integrated “children spaces” in our atelier to make sure they do not need to choose between family and work. Finally, we deliver family planning and language classes for their personal growth, as well as offering free formation courses of raphia weaving to the women prisoners.

We don't believe in barriers, instead we believe in strength created by women for women.