Tanala Embroidered Bag

Salama guys! The Tanala are the “people of the forest” that inhabit the forests of the South-Eastern part of Madagascar. Our Tanala embroidery bag is inspired by the vibrant colors of the forests’ 10,000 native species, of which around 90% is only endemic to our country.

The large bag combines a mix of different weaving methods! It includes hardware snaps and has a thin wire so that you can give it the shape you want!

The Tanala is lined with second-hand fabric bought from the local market. Each piece has a pocket inside and is unique because each bag has a different lining depending on local market availability.

This bag took me almost 5 days to weave

I hope you enjoy it!


p.s. the color in the picture is mélange tropical forest

*You can receive it embroidered with / without Made For A Woman, OR you can personalize it however you want! 

Mélange Chameleon
Mélange Periwinkle
Mélange Seashell
Mélange Tropical Forest

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Size: H 32cm X 41,5cm

Only azo-free raphia pigments

100% sustainable raphia

No two women are the same, and neither are two bags”. All our products are 100% handmade, therefore variations in colors and patterns may vary

*All our bags are woven and dyed by hand, so if your product gets dirty use a clean damp cloth to remove the dirt and let it dry in the shade

*Shipping time will vary if customized

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Available colors
Mélange Chameleon
Mélange Periwinkle
Mélange Seashell
Mélange Tropical Forest

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